Singer is the current Prince of Nigeria pop music

Who would have thought that we would get to this point when Tekno
is the hottest thing in Nigeria pop music? Who would have seen the man
who is signed to a label that did contain Iyanya, become a bigger
commodity than all the others?
No one. Nobody saw this coming. No one dreamt it. But here we are, and Tekno is killing it.
young, light-skinned, musician is currently the de facto Prince of
Nigerian pop music, after many years of hustle in the game. Originally
born in Bauchi, Tekno who had a father serving in the Nigerian army was
transferred between Nassarawa, and Kaduna, before settling in Abuja. It
is in the nation’s capital city that he found his rhythm with music.

Iyanya's powers decline, a new force has risen from his record label. His name is Tekno , and he is currently one of the best pop acts right now in the country. 

Iyanya’s powers decline, a new force has risen from his record label. His name is Tekno, and he is currently one of the best pop acts right now in the country.
(Coko Bar)

First signed to
K-Money Entertainment, the singer dropped his first single, ‘Holiday’
featuring Davido in 2012. He was later signed to Ubi Franklin’s MMMG in
2013, and 2014 saw him core his first real hit, ‘Dance’, followed by ‘Anything’.
Tekno is easy. He makes it simple for everyone to fall in love with not
just his music, but also his celebrity. His lifestyle is a cross of
D’banj and an Ice Prince, as he alternates between classy and flashy.
There’s also humor too, adding another element to his act.
Then there’s his boyish handsomeness. Yes, he is handsome.

Tekno miles 

Tekno miles

However, it is his music that placed him on course to be the MVP of 2016. Last year, Tekno’s ‘Duro’ and ‘Wash
were more than songs. They became a state of mind in romance, as
relationships and marriages depended on the delightful melody, and the
nonsensical pleasing lyrics to savour moments. Lines like “Your beauty done make me realise, say NEPA don bring light”, and “If you like to watch movies, na me get Shoprite”, resonated deeply with lovers. Truly, that buzz is yet to die.
2016 has had him fire some more, giving us more hits, as ‘Where’ has achieved acceptance. His second single ‘Pana’
is exploding and spreading like wildfire. The song has caught on in the
East, the West are on it, and in street corners and clubs, Pana is
making a surge through. A video has been released which was directed by
ace filmmaker, Clarence Peters.

Tekno 'Pana' 

Tekno ‘Pana’

The pop music scape
in Nigeria is a flimsy one, where singles die a fast death, which is a
direct result of the stiff competition that exists due to an abundance
of content in that genre. Pop music is currently Nigeria’s most
definitive genre, and the front-liners of it get the most reward. Tekno
is the first on the list right now, and his stock keeps growing. He is
currently considered the hottest artiste in the country.
a year where Wizkid has had his attentions on the international scene,
and Davido’s mojo was stifled by Sony Music, Tekno has risen to the
occasion, with two hot singles. He is nowhere the levels of these kings
of the genre, with so much more to develop about his artistic and
musical ability and credentials.

Tekno thrills fans at Industry Nite in Dubai 

Tekno thrills fans at Industry Nite in Dubai

But he is occupying a
role much lower, but currently influential and flamboyant. He is the
prince of Nigeria pop music. All that remains for him right now is a
body of work to mark this time, and provide fans with a holistic feel of
his art.
But for now, he is the prince, one who shines on a level lower than the kings of the genre.

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