7 reasons why women sometimes choose emotionally-unavailable men


A close look at the behavioural pattern of young men will most likely
reveal one thing- many want female companionship, but not the commitment that
comes with it.

Young men, and even some that are not-so-young will often open themselves to
the idea of having a chic to roll with, go on dates with, do ‘couples’ things’
with, but at the mention of commitment, they step back and shy away.
On the other hand, women are more associated with long-term dating and would
most times not go into a relationship without the promise of commitment and a
shot at a lifetime of happiness.

But of course, there is always an exception to the rule.

Women sometimes buck that social trend, and decide to enter into
relationships even when they know there is little or no chance that anything
permanent will result from it.

Here are seven reasons why they do that:

1. You were once too emotional

If you have once been open to love and committed to its working but got
burnt as a result, it won’t be surprising if you agree to date someone who is
not really into the commitment game.

Why? You are not willing to invest too much emotion into anyone or any
relationship just yet, too.

2. Need to be sexually free

Men may crave sexual freedom more, but certain women like to keep their
options open, too.

Women who fall into this category will hate to see their options limited
because they are emotionally bound to just one guy.

So, best thing to do is to get a man who is just as unwilling to commit as

3. Disordered life

These women do not even really know what they want from life yet, so their
choice in relationships can’t be expected to really be the best, right?

4. Self esteem issues

Until you really love yourself, you really won’t expect anybody else to.

It’s just as simple as that. So, you are not looking for a guy to love you
like the movies portray it. You just need someone… anyone would do.

5. Career-obsessed

Career driven women who have little or no time for anything else are also
very capable of this.

Some of them just appreciate the knowledge that they have someone. They do
not expect to be called every second, neither do they expect to go on dates
every now and then, they might not even have time to see their ‘lover’ for long
stretches of time.

Which kind of man will agree to such thing except one who is
emotionally-unavailable himself?

6. You are unsure about marriage

Do I want to get married? Do I not want to?

You really are not sure of this answer; so instead of dating someone who is
emotionally available and ready to walk the walk, you instead plump for someone
who is just as unsure as you.

7. Still crying over a past relationship

Is there someone you’re not quite over yet? Then, of courseyou
date an emotionally unavailable man. Someone  who won’t really put pressure
on you to get over the memory of your previous relationship.

This occurs with women who wish to appear as if they have moved on when they
really have not.

If people are not really ready to invest their emotions into a relationship,
when why get into one, you may be tempted to ask.

The answer is this; human beings need other humans. And the mental need to
have someone to call your own sometimes supercedes rational judgement. It is
quite inexplicable; but it is what it is.

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