First lady of Rivers State, Justice Suzette Wike has been married to Governor Nyesom Wike since 1999.

a matter of fact, their marriage hit the 17th-year mark today, December
19, 2016, and the first lady used the medium to share some of the best
words about her former classmate, her present lover and husband.
She then proceeds to share some words of advice concerning marriage.

 “You have to make the right decision about your marriage,”she begins.

“I made a decision to become a happy wife 17 years ago, by contributing to building a happy marriage.
“I learnt that marriage in itself doesn’t make you happy. You have to make your marriage a happy one.
“Marriage is not what you get. Marriage is what you bring, what you give and what you do.
is no perfect marriage or perfect couples. Rather, when two imperfect
friends honour and celebrate each other, they are empowered to build up a
great blossoming marriage with flourishing children.
it has been said, is likened to an empty box that couples should labour
to fill up with all the good things they want in their marriage –
friendship, understanding, respect, love, etc.

“Love does not come packaged with any
marriage. Love is in people and people put love in marriage. People
infuse romance in marriage. Same thing with all the other values.
couple must practice the art and form the habit of giving, loving,
serving, forgiving, rewarding, praising, and just keeping the marriage
box full always. If you take more and put less, the box empties out.

us challenge ourselves to work harder at achieving happier marriages.
It will lead to more harmonious homes and communities and eventually a
more prosperous and peaceful Rivers State. That is how powerful and
endowed married couples are.”

Justice Suzzette Wike has spoken, and every paragraph of her advise rings true.

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