Chibok girls who jumped out of moving truck to escape from Boko Haram, students college in the US

Jackson Ude on Saturday met Mercy and Patience, who were among a fortunate couple of that bounced out of the moving truck continuing 200 schoolgirls, who were grabbed by Boko Haram fear based oppressors on April fourteenth, 2014. Both began school this year at Bronx Community College in the U.S under a venture called Education Must Continue Initiative.

Talking prior this year at the fifth yearly Global Education and Skills Forum held in Dubai, one of the young ladies depicted how she hopped out of the moving truck that critical night. 

“What happened that night was repulsive. We were composing our last, most decisive tests. They went to our school, bicycle dressed in military outfits, so we didn’t know they were Boko Haram. They needed us to get in the truck and revealed to us they would secure us. Yet, they began shooting. Every one of the instructors fled. I thought I would kick the bucket.

They accompanied a long truck and stacked the greater part of the sustenance and the young ladies. As we moved further into a woodland, a portion of the young ladies was hopping out of the truck. I swung to my companion and disclosed to her we ought to bounce tow. We bounced and vanished into the woods, yet my companion hurt her lower leg and couldn’t walk. We met a shepherd who helped us with his bicycle. And afterward, a man in a cruiser took us home.”

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