Court orders deprivation of N449m found in Lagos shop to FG

Justice Rilwan Aikawa of the Federal High Court in Lagos has ordered the final deprivation of the amount of N449,597,000 found in an archaic Bureau de Change shop in Victoria Island, Lagos by the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission EFCC on April 8th. Justice Aikawa gave the order for aged deprivation after no one came forward to claim ownership of the money.

The judge had on April 19th alleged an order for the bind deprivation of the money contingent when anyone would come forward to claim it. EFCC hand approached the court for an order for the deprivation of the money after a defendant in the case, Mohammed Tauheed, failed to come forward to claim the money. Counsel for the EFCC, Idris Mohammed, told the judge that the binding order of April 19 had been advertised in the daily on May 11, so as to bring the case to the notice of Tauheed any interested party.

However, neither Tauheed nor any other person comes forward to claim the money. Delivering acquittal on the appeal for aged forfeiture, Justice Aikawa said “This court ordered, among others, the defendant (Tauheed) and any other interested party to show cause, within 14 days, why the bind deprivation of N449,597,000 should not be made finaljAs far as my record shows, neither the defendant nor any other interested party has enrolled any attest or any other activity to show cause why the binding order should not be made final.

In the approaching case, the defendant has, additionally, not enrolled any activity in response to the agitation on notice. In the circumstances, I have no election but to grant the appeal as prayed. Accordingly, I by ordered that the amount of N449,597,000 found in aberration of the respondent, which amount is reasonably suspected to be a cleanup of an atrocious activity, be finally eroded to the Federal Government.” 

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