IN (Mississippi) – Military plane crashes and kills at least 16

No less than 16 individuals have been killed after a US Marine Corps plane collided with a field in rustic Mississippi on Monday. 16 bodies had been recouped at the time Leflore County Emergency Management Agency Director Frank Randle gave correspondents a late preparation on Monday.
Marine Corps representative Capt. Sarah Burns said in an announcement that a KC-130 “encountered an incident” Monday evening yet gave no subtle elements. The KC-130, which is utilised as a refuelling tanker, had spiralled into the ground around 85 miles (135 kilometres) north of Jackson in the Mississippi Delta, disseminating flotsam and jetsam in a sweep of around 8 km (5 miles).

Witness Andy Jones said he was chipping away at his family’s catfish cultivate just before 4 p.m. when he heard a blast and admired see the plane corkscrewing descending with one motor smoking. Jones said the plane hit the ground behind a few trees in a soybean field, and when he and others achieved the crash site, fires were consuming too seriously to approach the destruction. He included that the crash almost smoothed the plane.

“You gazed upward and you saw the plane whirling around,” he said. “It was turning down.”
Jones said firefighters attempted to put out the fire at the principle crash site yet pulled back after a blast constrained them back. He said the fire was constantly punctuated by the flies of little blasts. The fire created tufts of dark smoke that could be seen for miles over the level area and kept on consuming over four hours after the crash. Authorities did not discharge data on what caused the crash or where the flight began.

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