Ekiti State Governor – Ayo Fayose Say: “I will have Burnt My PDP Card and Party Flag If Sheriff Had Won At The Supreme Court

Ekiti State Governor, Ayo Fayose, says he would have consumed his PDP participation card and the gathering’s banner if the Supreme Court had given judgment for previous Borno state representative, Ali Modu Sheriff. On July twelfth, the peak court decided that Ahmed Makarfi is the true administrator of the gathering. 

Sheriff and Makarfi have been battling for control of the gathering throughout recent years. Makarfi had dragged Sheriff to the peak court after the Court of Appeal in Port Harcourt decided in March that Sheriff was the credible National Chairman of the gathering. 

Addressing a mammoth group that came to welcome him from Abuja yesterday, Fayose said 

“I went to court with a fragrance which I needed to use to shower my cards and gathering banners and set them burning even inside the court premises if Sheriff had won, that was the reason I went to court. However, I trust that we continue as before PDP family yet nobody can cause our gathering such agonies and humiliation and expect that he would abandon being approached to represent his activities. Indeed, even the responses of Sheriff individuals demonstrates that we stay together. In any case, the no victor, no vanquished that we said was a minor political trademark. Whoever that taken an interest in this act must demonstrate some sensible level of regret for their activities?, he said

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