Letter from Africa: Can satellite make science popular in Ghana?

In our arrangement of letters from African columnists, veteran Ghanaian writer Elizabeth Ohene considers whether Ghana’s new satellite will change states of mind towards science. We don’t care for science, particularly in this nation. We like to attribute otherworldly and wonderful clarifications to all things that occur in our lives. Mischances, passings, sick well-being, passing and falling flat exams, finding an accomplice, riches, destitution, favourable luck – none of them have logical clarifications. 
Whatever remains of the world has most likely heard that Ghana has effectively propelled it’s initial satellite into space. yet you would have missed it totally in the event that you were relying on the news outlets in our nation. I surrender I have not been following the news distinctly in the previous three weeks, for reasons we would be wise to not get into, and in this way would let it be known was likely I would miss a few stories. 
In any case, I envisioned the dispatch of our first satellite would be such enormous news it was probably not going to cruise me by. I checked the sites of my most loved nearby stations and there was no specified. At the point when the story, in the long run, showed up, it was to report that President Nana Akufo-Addo had complimented the All Nations University on the dispatch of GhanaSat-1. 
The following morning there was no way of the story in both of the two broadly read day by day daily papers that I purchase. There was nothing enigmatically intriguing or alluring about the story as given an account of their sites either. 
Clearly separated from the authority complimentary proclamation there was no nearby flavour to the story as conveyed in the Ghanaian media for the initial three days. The dialect of the reports seemed like logical gobbledegook to be seen just by geeky researchers. 
Here is an announcement from the write about the site of one of our nearby radio stations: “Ghanasat-1 is of Cube Standard shape with a measurement of 100mm x 100 mm and was propelled by Nasa to the International Space Station by means of Space X CRS Flight 11 on 3 June, 2017 at the Kennedy Space Center, Florida, USA and after that discharged into space utilizing Japan KIBO on load up the ISS.” 
Make of that what you will, however, I absolutely couldn’t comprehend an expression of it. 
There was no specify that All Nations University in Koforidua is not precisely one of the favour colleges in Ghana. There was no word about the $500,000 (£380,000) announced the cost of the venture, the sort of cash that is routinely detailed as stolen by authorities. 
I should state that online networking did its bit and there was energy on Facebook and Twitter about the dispatch however it took until Monday morning for the daily papers and a large portion of the radio stations to wake up to the story after the dispatch on Friday morning.

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