George Weah Says : ‘JJ Okocha Is More Skillful Than Ghana’s Abedi Pele’

Liberian football legend and Politician, George Oppong Weah, has said Nigeria’s Jay Okocha is abler than Ghana’s Abedi Pele. The previous worldwide footballer, who happens to be the main African player to have won the FIFA World Player of the Year grant, conceded he was way off the mark to the Nigerian legend who had a greater number of procedures than him on the football pitch. 

“Abedi is a solid player, he’s an innovative player however Jay is more capable. 
“Indeed, even me, Jay has a greater number of systems than me. Every one of the things that Jay does on the field, we don’t do one percent of it. 
“For me, I don’t do traps, I will score a decent objective and when I am crushed up, I know how to circled. “Be that as it may, to put the ball around and play with it, I offer it to Jay; he is a performer. 
won the 1995 FIFA World Player of the Year grant is the principal African player to win the honor and the just a single to date. 
“So Jay is a legend with regards to that; he is extremely inventive, he is exceptionally shrewd and he knows how to do traps,” Oppong Weah revealed to Starr Chat in an Interview. 
The previous striker who is a serving congressperson in his nation will be challenging in the 2017 presidential race against Ellen Johnson Sirleaf in October notwithstanding losing to her in 2005.

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