Barcelona team-mate Gerard Pique thinks Brazilian will stay at club (Neymar)

Barcelona forward Neymar will remain at the club – or if nothing else that is the “instinct” of his colleague Gerard Pique. Paris St-Germain has purportedly met the Brazilian’s 222m euro (£199m) discharge condition. “From the discussions that I had with him, it’s recently my instinct that he’ll stay – other than that clearly I trust that he stays,” said Pique.

Neymar scored twice in Barcelona’s 2-1 amicable prevail upon Juventus on Saturday.
After the win, Barca mentor Ernesto Valverde repeated his craving to keep Neymar at the club.
Provoke at that point posted a photo of him and Neymar on Twitter, with the subtitle ‘Se Queda’ (‘He stays’), however, has since minimised the post.

“We were in a casual climate with other partners when we took that photograph, and that is the manner by which that went. In any case, not the slightest bit was that anything official.
“Initially it’s truly not my business, and the individual who needs to conclude that is Neymar.”

Barcelona midfielder Javier Mascherano included that it is the “craving of the whole group” that Neymar stays at the Nou Camp. “He’s an immensely imperative player for us, something other than his quality as a soccer player, he has colossal esteem, his own qualities inside the gathering,” Mascherano said.

In the interim, Real Madrid safeguard Casemiro has reacted to the possibility of Neymar joining Barca’s adversaries. “Obviously here [at Real Madrid] he would be essential, yet he is at Barcelona and we can’t overlook that,” he said.

Neymar joined Barcelona from Santos in 2013 and marked another five-year contract until 2021 in October.

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