Buhari’s Presidential Jet Departs UK Airport

The Presidential Jet appointed to President Muhammad Buhari has taken off from the Stansted air terminal where it has been stopped for as far back as three months. A few dependable sources of information on the improvement say the Presidential fly is affirmed to have taken off from Stansted on Tuesday evening. Be that as it may, it is not known whether the pilots are essentially captivating in action so as to shroud the arrival date of the President or if undoubtedly the President is headed back to Nigeria after more than 80 days in London for medicinal treatment.

Presidential representatives reached by journalists denied the President had really been transported from London, however, The Herald detailed yesterday that staff of Aso Villa had been put on standby for the President’s inevitable return.

It was likewise uncovered by a helper to the First Lady that Mrs. Buhari would return on Wednesday, in any case, it is impossible that the Presidential Jet was mixed to ship her back to the country’s capital.

The idle presence of the Presidential jet in London for close to three months had caused quite a stir in the country over the last two months, as many Nigerians queried why the Presidency would expend such exorbitant funds in housing the Jet in a London airport where it would undoubtedly incur substantial charges.

The Presidency responded to the shock at that point, discharging an announcement guaranteeing Nigerians that the Jet was pulling in marked down charges and that the renown of the President justified its quality in London.

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