Referee, Eric – Why I Awarded Penalty Against Super Eagles

Referee Eric Otogo-Castane of Gabon has provided explanation to the dubious penalty he granted Algeria against Nigeria amid last round of the gathering B World Cup qualifier in Constantine.
Algeria draw Nigeria to a 1-1 draw, on account of a late penalty granted to the Fennecs when Shehu Abdullahi was declared to have fouled Algerian winger Yacine Brahaimi in the crate, a choice that stunned most football fans.

Replays show the defender didn’t do much to warrant a penalty to be granted to him, however, ref Otogo-Castane disclosed to some Nigerian authorities that his choice was correct.

“Expectedly we made inquiries after the amusement and the arbitrator disclosed to us that the choice was taken in view of a recently brought law into the diversion, which takes into account goal to be rebuffed”.

“He deciphered Shehu’s aim to obstruct the man, who remained on his feet as opposed to going down from the handle. The way that the Algerian aggressor Brahaimi turned out poorly is the thing that settled on the choice to resemble the wrong call as indicated by him.

“How about we be forthcoming, he did his best considering the environment he was under and particularly in the wake of turning down various attempt by the Algerians to con him into giving them a penalty.

“Perhaps Brahaimi ought to have been sent off before the occurrence which prompted the objective, however I figure he would not like to lose hold of the match, which a red card to the Algerian coach would have activated. It’s called diversion management and we understand his explanation.”

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