Zimbabwe’s cheif of army staff accused for ‘ treacherous conduct’

Zimbabwe’s decision party on Tuesday blamed the armed force boss for “treasonable direct” after he tested President Robert Mugabe over the sacking of the VP, in the most recent indication of declining unsteadiness in the nation.  The ZANU-PF party reprimanded General Constantino Chiwenga who had requested that Mugabe stop cleanses of senior gathering figures, including Vice-president Emmerson Mnangagwa who has expelled a week ago.

In an announcement, the gathering representative said Chiwenga’s position was “unmistakably computed to irritate national peace… and proposes treasonable direct on his part as this was intended to impel revolt.”

On Tuesday, a few tanks were seen moving closer to the capital Harare, disturbing occupants as Chiwenga had cautioned of conceivable military intercession. “With regards to issues of securing our unrest, the military won’t delay advancing in,” Chiwenga told a question and answer session on Monday.

The purpose behind the military escorts was not instantly clear, but rather the vehicles may have been on routine moves. Mnangagwa had conflicted over and over with First Lady Grace Mugabe, 52, who was broadly observed as competing with him to succeed her 93-year-old spouse as president.

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