2018 UTME: ATSO exposes Oloyede’s claims on registration, Association

As examination starts tomorrow Says, no malpractice without JAMB authorities’ conspiracy Laments 300,000 candidates’ enrollment dissent

AS the Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board, JAMB, starts the lead of 2018 Unified Tertiary and Matriculation Examinations, UTME, tomorrow, the Association of Tutorial School Operators, ATSO, in Nigeria has blamed claims by the JAMB Registrar, Professor Isaq Oloyede on competitors’ enlistment and the Association. It bemoaned that while Oloyede cases to help the hopefuls, he has in a roundabout way denied more than 300,000 candidates the possibility of enlisting in the progressing UTME examinations. 
Talking exlusively with Vanguard Learning, the President, Association of Tutorial School Operators, Comrade Sodunke Oludotun particularly blamed Professor Oloyede’s cases in his meeting with the Sunday Punch. 
Oloyede He stated: “Customarily, this reply wouldn’t have been vital on the grounds that we at the Association of Tutorial School Operators, ATSO, wouldn’t have any desire to join issues with JAMB enlistment center, yet we understood that figured and uncontroverted deceptions and distortions have a method for accepting their very own existence and we likewise understood that it is less demanding for Nigerian policymakers, particularly the individuals who have sold out the command rested in them, to sprinkle mud on the uprightness of others keeping in mind the end goal to shroud the disappointment of their approaches or to increase undue favorable position. “They want to leave the message and assault the courier.
 We will react to every deception that exuded from the enlistment center in the meeting he conceded to the Punch Newspaper as takes after: JAMB Registrar: This year, we permitted free age of profile codes “This is an outright flagrant misrepresentation. Each applicant that produced profile code did as such by means of SMS and had the total of N50 deducted from his or her credit adjust. It isn’t a mystery that media transmission organizations charge N4 per SMS. I figure the N46 adjust per SMS unaccounted for is so unimportant to the JAMB recorder however of awesome incentive to the hopefuls and their poor guardians. 
“As per JAMB, around 1.9 million hopefuls effectively produced profile code for the 2018 UTME. In light of this insights, it basically implies JAMB rounded up more than N87.4 million from simply profile code age. One at that point asks why the enlistment center was chest-pounding that the profile code age was free. Is it accurate to say that he was endeavoring to play to the display or trick clueless Nigerians? If not, would he be able to compassionately state freely what the charges were for?” 
JAMB Registrar: Now we have 1,973,081 who have created codes which is higher than last year’s… . The quantity of the individuals who really paid is 1,662,778 who are the individuals who purchased the PIN for UTME “What might then record for the 300,000 contrast between the individuals who created profile codes and the individuals who really paid for PIN? Is it accurate to say that we should expect that the individuals who created profile codes just lost enthusiasm for the exam and decline to continue to enlistment organize? This attestation by the recorder basically confirms our prior stand that an incredible 300,000 candidates were precluded the open door from securing enlisting during the current year’s UTME when JAMB all of a sudden close down the enrollment gateway. 
ATSO is the nearest body to the candidates and we know beyond a shadow of a doubt that the greater part of the candidates were as yet immersed in one confirmation process or the other well into the long stretch of February. At the point when all expectation of being conceded was dashed, they raced to enroll, just for the way to be savagely closed forcefully and their expectations and desires dashed the second time.” 
JAMB Registrar: This year, we said let us have two months for the enlistment. However, for the first month in the current year, we enrolled under five for each penny. Thus, each of the 95 for each penny occurred over the most recent one month, so when it was a few days to the end, there was weight on us and we broadened “If JAMB and its recorder are look into situated, they would have made endeavors to discover why just a pitiful five for each penny of hopefuls enlisted in the primary month while 95 for each penny wanted to hurry to enlist over the most recent few days. 
On the off chance that JAMB and its recorder were not completely separated from the grassroots, they would have understood that greater part of competitors who composed the 2017 UTME and who constituted the majority of candidates for the UTME 2018 wouldn’t have had room schedule-wise to enroll for another exam when they were all the while doing combating to secure affirmation in the 2017 procedure. “It just occurred to them that they wouldn’t be conceded when the vast majority of the foundations registered the few applicants they conceded. 
It is in people in general area that the greater part of the tertiary establishments directed their affirmation a long ways past JAMB due date of January 25. Frenzy and perplexity As we have expressed before, they hurried down in frenzy and disarray to the few and far CBT focuses. It was anything but difficult to produce codes yet before they could enlist, the entrance was closed. Obviously, the recorder won’t not know about this reality, he is elitist, he just realizes what is going down in the highbrow Abuja city. On the off chance that he got standard criticism from his handpicked CBT focuses, he would have known that many candidates spent a few days at the CBT focuses from 7am to 6pm preceding some of them could be sufficiently fortunate to get enlisted, but then, most couldn’t enlist inside the window.”
 JAMB Registrar: Some fraudsters under the Association of Tutorial Classes blackmail cash from guardians searching for unique inquiries and asserting they would help the applicants. In any case, this year, since they fizzled and bombed woefully in their unlawful practices, they are searching for spaces for those applicants they guaranteed controls to upset our exercises “We are baffled that an administration authority of the family of our JAMB enlistment center, who had served in the most astounding office in a respectable tertiary organization (UNILORIN) and who as of now serves in the principal confirmation board in Nigeria could turn to bits of gossip, misleading statements and guesses.
 On the off chance that he had solid proof that a few people take part in examination misbehavior, what prevents him from giving the confirmation available to him to the security offices with the goal that those saboteurs can be conveyed to book? Specifically compelling is this announcement credited to the recorder “However this year, since they fizzled and bombed woefully in their illegal practices… ” Does it imply that those “fraudsters” had been having their way before this year? Have they been having unbridled access to “unique” UTME “questions” before now? The opportunity has already come and gone the board welcomed security organizations to research how UTME questions got to the hands of “fraudsters” before the present JAMB enlistment center disinfected the framework. In the interim, let us remind the enlistment center that there is no affiliation enrolled in Nigeria that is called ‘Relationship of Tutorial Classes.’ 
A visit to the workplace of the Corporate Affairs Commission, CAC, would have kept this unforced mistake. ” JAMB Registrar: We have their records with us here and we will hand over every one of them to the security organizations. They are proficient blackmailers Such documents ought to have been in the authority of the police at this point sir, if the enlistment center and the board have nothing to cover up. 
No measure is excessively to sterilize the affirmation procedure, however we question if the recorder will hand over the documents he purported to be in his guardianship to the security offices since he knows it may lead the security organizations back to the doorsteps of JAMB itself. No misbehavior can be effectively executed at any phase of UTME process without arrangement or connivance between the culprits and JAMB authorities. 
The Association of Tutorial School Operators, ATSO, has aggregated its own particular records and dossiers on the happenings and partners in the instructive division, including JAMB and it would discharge them at the appropriate time. We thusly repeat again that the instructional exercise school administrators whom the JAMB Registrar is doing combating so difficult to insult and criticize represents the preparation, advising and introduction of more than 65 for every penny of UTME competitors consistently. 
Our items constitute at least 55 for each penny of conceded understudies to tertiary organizations consistently, the vast majority of whom had given or presently giving a decent record of themselves in their particular courses of study. Who knows, the JAMB Registrar himself may have profited from one frame or the other of ceaseless instruction in the past before getting to the summit of his vocation? “Truly! we recognize the way that the present Registrar, Professor Oloyede has acquired advancements since he mounted the seat of authority at JAMB, however clearly his real distraction has been the manner by which to create humongous income for the administration regardless of whether such drive brings about further devastating the as of now destitution stricken guardians. 
Every step of the way in the confirmation procedure, hopefuls are made to pay through their noses. “They pay N50 for profile age, N6,200 for the fundamental enrollment, N2,500 for the revision of each blunder submitted, N2,500 for change obviously/foundation, N1,000 to print out what they call Original JAMB Result Slip, N1,000 to print out Admission letter, and other horde charges in the middle. Why is JAMB set on murdering the guardians fiscally and unsettling the hopefuls on the sacrificial table of income age? Is the statutory part of JAMB income age? At the point when has JAMB turned out to be Federal Inland Revenue Service (FIRS)? “With the imperialistic way the JAMB Registrar is taking care of the issue of UTME and the confirmation procedure when all is said in done; one marvels if his inclinations won’t be commensurate to making training Haram (unthinkable) to Nigerian understudies. 
In the event that he doesn’t venture down from his overinflated ego and connect with substances at the grassroots, particularly as it influences hapless Nigerian understudies and their poor guardians, we may witness the transformation of JAMB into a gentle type of BOKO HARAM debilitating understudies from instruction, the correct inverse of its statutory command.” 

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