Let laugh time–Funny joke

Akpos joke–Hilarious

A plane was about to crash and there were only four parachutes on the
plane. Meanwhile there were five people on it. The first person, Lionel
Messi, said, “I’m the world’s best footballer right now, I cant die

So he took one of the parachutes and left. The second
person, Aliko Dangote, said, “I’m the richest man in Africa, I can’t die
now, I’m needed in Africa!”

So he took the second parachute and
left. The third was the Nigerian President and he said, “I’m the
smartest President in the world, so I cant die now, my people still need

So he took one and left.

Then it was left with the
Pope and a little school girl. The Pope said to the little girl, “Take
the last one, I’ll sacrifice my life for you.”

The little girl replied, “No need for that, There are two parachutes left.”

The pope asked her, “How come?”

The little girl replied, “The Nigerian President took my school bag.”

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