Sporting fans alleged racist chanting

La Liga 123 outfit Sporting Gijon may confront discipline after supremacist droning could be heard amid a current conflict with Nastic…

“We don’t need dark players” could be heard unmistakably from a segment of the Asturian club’s fans amid Saturday’s alliance conflict, despite the fact that the club’s Ultra Boys amass have separated themselves from the cases. 

Diario AS refers to a report from Spanish TV station La Sexta which cleared up the words as being modified from the serenade “No queremos jugadores, jugadores del montón, los queremos de Mareo, orgullosos de Gijon” – expressing they just need nearby players who are pleased with the club. 

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Be that as it may, the “jugadores del montón” verses were changed to “jugadores de shading”, however an announcement from the club’s Ultra gathering demand this was not associated with their mouthpiece drove serenades. 

Wearing likewise wound up in heated water following bigot droning towards Athletic Bilbao forward Inaki Williams last season.

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