‘No FIGC President for six months’

Giovanni Malago reveals the FIGC will be under a commissionership for at least six months, meaning commissioners will pick the new Italy CT.

Delegates failed to elect a new President of the Italian FA this week, so it fell to CONI, the Italian Olympic Federation, to appoint a commissioner.
Today it was confirmed that Roberto Fabbricini has been given the role, assisted by Alessandro Costacurta and Angelo Clarizia.
“We chose Fabbricini and two sub-commissioners, Clarizia and Costacurta, whose CVs speak for themselves,” CONI President Malago explained.
“They will have the support of people with extremely specific skills, Professor Massimo Proto and Dr. Alberto De Nigro.
“The commissionership will be for six months, until July 30. Honestly no-one can say if that’s too many or not enough.
“If it’s the latter, we’ll prolong it for as long as needed.”
That means that Fabbricini and his assistants will almost certainly be the ones to choose the new Italy CT.
The Azzurri have two friendlies in March, for which Luigi Di Biagi will take charge, before facing France on June 1.
With the UEFA Nations League beginning on September 6, the FIGC will want to have a new man in charge before August, especially as top Coaches are more likely to join in the summer.
Carlo Ancelotti, who appears to be the popular choice, has already said he won’t even discuss the job unless there’s “clarity” at the top of Italian football.

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