‘Pastore earns more than Inter’s squad!’

Luciano Spalletti confirms Mauro Icardi will miss Inter-Crotone on Saturday and jokes Javier Pastore “earns more than all of our players put together”…

Spalletti explained Icardi had a muscle problem and would not be risked, while Inter were guilty of feeding their fans with “false expectations” after they failed to bring in the Paris Saint-Germain midfielder.

“Icardi? He won’t be called up as he has a muscle problem,” the Coach said at a Press conference.
“He wanted to play in front of our fans, but he can’t. We could’ve looked for quick fixes, but we opted for the safe option. Eder will play.
“Did I expect more signings? The real shame lies in not being able to protect the fans from false expectations, which creates disappointment.
“The players are affected by this and a malaise is created. The heart and feeling towards our colours can never be disappointed.
“Of all the names that have been put forward, there’s a negative perception about those who are already here, as if there was a need to replace them.
“I don’t know how the other Coaches talk, but don’t talk to me [about transfers] as I’m done after this. Don’t even talk to me about it by phone in the evenings.
“I never said that I lacked any players. I just said after the game at Fiorentina that it’s tough without a centre-back.
“We were lacking a defender and he came in. Our directors have done well to work in this market, and I don’t want it to be brought up anymore.
“The only thing that’s important is the game against Crotone. We’ve been working hard every day.
“The most uncomfortable thing to do is to train intensely because players like talking about goals the most.
“Instead, I want to talk about the quality we’ve shown. We have to get our hands dirty.
“Pastore? I’ve never talked about him. It seemed almost impossible because there are differences in salaries between us and PSG.
“If you want to bring in a player like him, who earns more than all of our players put together, you must first look at the numbers.
“However, Rafinha has roughly the same characteristics as him. Icardi scored 14 goals without penalties and five of those were assisted by Perisic.
“After that, the players with the most passes to Mauro are Ivan, Vecino and Brozovic just below. These are facts.”

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