8 Steps to Build Your Online Personal Brand

Your story must revolve around your core values. In fact, your story must be genuine so as to allow your brand to create an emotional bond with your public

A brand is your mark upon the world, it’s your uniqueness made public for the entire population to see and to acknowledge.

Also, a brand is a healthy mix of your core abilities, skills, and character traits. Therefore branding yourself goes beyond being a business action, in fact, it’s a journey of self-discovery.

Self-discovery will allow you to know more about your self and will bestow on you enough insights and valuable knowledge to help you market yourself to the world in a passionate and notable way.

The reason why most people don’t find their true self is because of the “mask” they wear in order to hide their flaws. In most cases, the mask becomes too tight and people can’t even differentiate between the mask and themselves. The truth is that most of the times those imperfections are their true qualities that should be revealed. The journey of self-discovery may begin when we remove all those masks.. Therefore, after taking this inward journey you can start developing your own brand by following these 8 steps:

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  1. Create Your Brand’s Story

The first step is to write down the words and values that represent your brand. You have to very honest and authentic when choosing these words because your brand’s story will be shaped according to them.

Your story must revolve around your core values. In fact, your story must be genuine so as to allow your brand to create an emotional bond with your public.

2. Audit Your Personal Brand

Auditing your is one of the easiest ways to review brand. Try to search for your name online, while you are at it, ensure that you open a new and private browsing window, so you will receive the same results as anyone else. Try tipping a celebrity name and see how their first page looks. Usually, the first page includes a Wikipedia page, a Facebook page, and plenty of other stories. Look up your favorite celebrity and take their example.

The second tip of auditing your brand is by searching online for various combinations of your name using keywords that are relevant to your brand’s mission. Using the right keywords will improve your SEO and will help you gain more attention.

3. Establish Your Brand Awareness Strategy

Start your brand campaign with valuable and strategic written content. Your content must be relevant to your topic and loaded with keywords that will allow you to reach a large number of people.

The mistake most people make is advertising their personal brand to promote themselves all the time. By doing this, you will damage your integrity as a brand and you will irritate your audience until they will no longer be interested in what you have to say.

For example, if your brand is about the fashion industry, you should take some time to find relevant information about the topic while connecting with other people who are established in the same field. You can even try and collaborate with these people in order to get a win-win situation in which both of you are improving your brands. Value and consistency are the main keywords here. If your content offers value and is also posted on a consistent basis, more people will start associating you with that topic. It makes you become an authority in any specific field.

4. Build Your Communication Skills

Your brand’s overall reach is dependent on your communication skills. Expressing your thoughts in a relevant and cohesive way will consolidate your authority on the subject. shy person, you can join a speaking course. You can also join a writing course and begin exercising these techniques until you feel prepared enough to impress the world.

Stories are powerful persuasion techniques. When giving a speech, using relating good stories will make your presentation more persuasive and interesting. Everyone likes stories, so if you present a message that you want to be remembered by your audience, you should insert it subliminally in your storyline. By doing so, your message will instantly reach your audience’s subconscious minds and therefore will be much more effective.

5. Bother Important People

The purpose of personal branding is to make your name popular to a lot of people. Therefore, you should make your appearance at conferences, fairs, and different events. Begin introducing yourself to all the right people. Before doing this, you should find influential people in your domain of activity. So what’s the next move? Well, just talk to them. It’s that simple. Don’t worry, as the worst that can happen is getting ignored. But imagine if somehow you manage to come across a person with the same values and beliefs as you. The rapport would be incredible.

With the right approach that Celebrity may be able to boost your brand’s awareness so much that you wouldn’t even believe it. This is not such a mainstream method, and it probably won’t bring impressive results in the majority of cases. Nevertheless, everything depends on your ability to communicate well enough to get their attention. It’s a bold method, so use it wisely.

6. Join Social Media

Think about social media as the free and perfect platform where you can positively promote your brand. The purpose of social media is sharing, so go ahead and share articles, blog posts and achievements that are appealing to your target audience. Keep in mind that you should always pay attention to the consistency and uniqueness of your content. Each post must contain the same level of value as the previous ones.

Let’s take McDonald’s as an example again. Are you aware of their prime secret? Well, it’s consistency. They deliver the exact same burger in each of their restaurants all around the world since 1955. You should do exactly the same thing with your posts. There is another aim of social media, and that is, connecting with people that are in the same industry as you are. While you are following them you can easily make yourself noticed by getting into relevant conversations and by using trending hashtags. Everything you post on social media should represent your brand – remember that. I’m using what I call the “Forbes Test”, so if I wouldn’t want to see it in Forbes, I won’t post it myself.

7. Create an E-mail List

Personal branding is mostly supported by online marketing. An email list is one of the most valuable assets that an online marketer can own. Why is this? These are the people that decided to be kept informed regarding your development as a brand. Therefore, these are the core fans that have accepted you for good. Of course, this strategy can’t be put into practice from day one. However, the sooner you start gathering e-mails, the better.

After publishing around eight

rock-hard posts, and after getting a little more confident with your social media business page, its e-mail time. You should start by thinking about a product, like an eBook or a webinar that could be given away in return for sign-ups. Some companies take email marketing as an old school marketing method, so they never take their time to grow an email list. They couldn’t be more wrong. Email is the most trusted way of connecting with people. Therefore, use it!

8. Offer and Live Your Values

A brand requires your actions to speak louder than your words. This is the only way you will maintain your integrity and reputation in front of your customer’s eyes. The knowledge that you offer to your audience will always represent you, so keep your legacy upright. Zig Ziglar embodied all the core qualities that you need to own in his quote: “The foundation stones for a balanced success are honesty, character, integrity, faith, love and loyalty.”  Bear in mind; never compromise your values, not even once.

By using these 8 steps, you should be able to develop your personal brand in a quick and efficient way. But remember, these steps won’t be of much help if you don’t put them into action. With a lot of work and dedication, you shall become an authority in your domain, attracting attention and accumulating enough influence to maintain your development in the longer run. Everything depends on your motivation and your will to act. Remember that Rome wasn’t built in a day. Nothing is impossible! Therefore, take your time, work hard, and prepare yourself for the best!

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