Chic Ways to Style Your White Shirt This Summer

A white shirt is one of the commonest wardrobe choices made by women from all across the world. If you also own it, have you ever thought of wearing it every day? In case you haven’t you should read about some chic ways to style your white shirt this summer and repeat it multiple times a week without feeling tacky.

1. Classic Jeans and White Shirt
Do you often pair up casual blouses with jeans? If so, why don’t you pair your favorite white shirt with ages-old jeans to retain the classic look this summer? It would keep you cool in the scorching heat and give off the “stylish yet cool” girl aura. Also, remember the sleeves while making the pair. For instance, a bell sleeve shirt would look sexier with distressed jeans rather than boyfriend jeans.
2. Count on the Culottes
Tuck in your well fitted shirt with some culottes, and you’ll surely get people talking. After all, that’s the main aim of every style-oriented girl, isn’t it? As culottes speak for themselves, they go well with not only bell sleeves but lace blouses with off-shoulder necklines and simply fitted shirts. You get the fashion edge no matter how your shirt is designed. 
3. Chic Skirts
If you already own a white shirt, there is no better way to make it trendier than to tuck it in your favorite black skirt. This look is for women who prefer skirts over trousers or jeans to ooze femininity and a bit of sultriness. You also get the option to get the eyes on your waist by opting for a cropped shirt. You can wear any skirt you want, be it mini skirts that show those long legs or pleated maxis that hide it all!
4. Characteristic Layers
Layered clothing has never become so much of a trend than it is at the moment. When you wear layered clothes smartly and have the right accessories, you can look good without boiling yourself in this heat. One of the options that we recommend is that you go for a white shirt, blue jeans or and a denim jacket combo. It will surely set you apart from the crowd!
5. Cool Combo
White looks perfect with white! Don’t believe us? Look at any bride near you or open your wedding album to see how dressing in white can make a person look luminous. It also represents simplicity thanks to minimal aesthetics and makes a person look & feel pure. No matter whether you are wearing your white shirt with a pencil skirt or pants, make sure that you combine different shades of the color like cream, eggshell, and ivory to get that perfect look!

Do you know of some other chic ways to style your white shirt this summer? Or are you already thinking about the bags that will complement each look? Well, no matter what’s popping in your head, share it below to let us know that this article has helped you a bit. TIA!

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