Deeper Life Headquarters Church Building Lagos, Set To Be Commissioned

Officially, this edifice is getting commissioned on 24th, April 2018. Attendance is STRICTLY by invitation.
Let me state that the Roofing sheets used is the first of its kind in Africa. Also, the windows are electronically opened and closed (right from the technical control room).
The construction had taken over 10 years and it had gulped over 5 Billion naira till date. Note that, these monies comes from the purse of the members of the church.

Main Church Building.

Multilevel Vehicle Park
Underground Car Park
Overhead (Church) Bus Park.
Rows of Seats.
Hmmm…I live not quite far from the church and fear of God is already catching me now that they are about to open. 40k human capacity with 800 cars capacity inside the tiny streets of Gbagada…life is about to be ironically easier for all the road users! I have always wondered why the government would approve such traffic prone centre in the center of a city already traffic prone. 6 billion NGN spent without deep thought!

It is well.

Ground floor with the Galleries. Air ducts and sound system visible.
Underground Children Church
Entrance Exit
There are TWO(2) units of Elevators within the auditorium that could take 12 people each at a time, to and from the ground floor to any of the Galleries and vice versa.
Aerial View.
LASTMA are on ground to make sure there is orderliness and free flow of traffic for both members and the general public plying the route on service day.
The traffic had been put in the plan since inception. The construction of the newly commissioned Bridge is part of the works to ease traffic for both worshipers and the public.
Rows of Seats

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