Del Piero believes it could be the year for ‘Dybala’s’

Juventus legend Alessandro Del Piero believes “this could be THE year” for Paulo Dybala.

La Joya is wearing the number 10 shirt this season, a number which is linked to great names such as Michel Platini, Roberto Baggio and the club’s all-time top-scorer, Del Piero.
“Let me tell you, every year he’s moving his level up,” Pinturicchio told Goal.
“This year he started with an incredible start, scoring a couple of goals per game. He played so good [sic] and he dragged Juve in the first period that was really tough for the club.
“Then injury and then he came back with this goal [against Tottenham] and in the same week he scored in Rome against Lazio so Juve had the opportunity to go up on Napoli.
“He’s a very good guy and an incredible talent of course, we don’t need to mention his quality.
“What I see from him is that every year he’s growing, so maybe this year is THE year for him. 
Start strong, then problems, then strong again now.
“So it will be very interesting to understand how the season will end for him.”

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