Why You Haven’t Made One Naira Since You Become Online Seller

Become Online Seller

Well, I just took a break from my study table where I have been busy preparing materials for my next training in other to drop this tip.

Before now, I have been getting a couple of inquiries and questions from a lot of entrepreneurs who think marketing online doesn’t work.

They are saying some things like;

I have been consistent and my handles have been very active.

In fact, everyone calls me “Mama Real estate” already because of how consistent and aggressive I have been but yet, I have not been able to close a single deal online since this year.

If you fall into the above category, then this belongs to you.

Stop laying too much emphasis on the features of your product; concentrate more on its solution instead.

Clients are looking for a solution in priced Products all around the online space, stop pushing them away with descriptions and features of your products they’ve probably seen a thousand times before.

You see stuff like.

Hot deals! Hot deal!! Hot deals!!!

1000 acre of XYZ in a cool location here in Lagos

Close to Dangote refinery with an affordable payment plan… Dm me for more

Sir… You will grow old…

In fact, your fellow marketers go send you message tire

In most cases, they will repost that same message; add their own phone number to it with some text that says; “Don’t get scammed, we are the direct owners. Send us a DM now”.

Do I have a witness in here?

This is one reason why some of our Ad Campaigns and Sales Pitch don’t convert prospects into paying clients.

Beyond the posting the features of your products, a client wants to know how that product can be the solution they couldn’t get elsewhere.

They also want to know the uniqueness in your products that makes it different from every other one they’ve come in contact with here in the online space.

Address their pain points first and the sales you desire will come easily.

And if your products eventually fulfil all that it promises, then you’ve built for yourself a gold mine as that same satisfied client will open doors for a lifetime of sales.

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