Donadoni credits Bologna desire

Roberto Donadoni is “proud to be working with these lads” after Bologna’s hard-fought 2-1 win over Sassuolo. “I’ll see the glass half-full.”

The victory came about late on with an Erick Pulgar free kick after Andrea Poli’s opener was wiped out by Khouma Babacar.
“We started very strong today, taking the lead and creating many more scoring opportunities, but then lost our way a little and allowed Sassuolo back in,” the Coach told Sky Sports Italia.
“The fundamental turning point was our refusal to accept a draw, so I compliment the players. I’m proud to be working with these lads and happy for the President in the stands.
“These three points were down to hard work and knowing how to suffer. 
The goalkeepers were also decisive, but I’ll see the glass half-full this time.
“We must always look forward, not behind us. We can catch up the three or four points separating us from 10th places, but must always remain concentrated and try to replicate the first 15-20 minutes of this performance.”

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