DSS keeps Tony Ezimakor, Daily INDEPENDENT’s Abuja Bureau Chief

DSS keeps Tony Ezimakor, Daily INDEPENDENT’s Abuja Bureau Chief

The Department of State Services, DSS, that captured and kept Tony Ezimakor, INDEPENDENT Newspapers’ Abuja Bureau Chief on Wednesday, February 28, has clutched him for the second day running. Ezimakor had strolled into DSS central command in Abuja at 10.30a.m. on Wednesday to respect a welcome from the security organization, yet was kept.

He was shunted from one office to the next on Wednesday and approached to sit tight for a specific officer, who was said to have been far from his office. Autonomous’ administration had endeavored berserk endeavors through its legal counselor, Mr. Douglas Ekhator, since Wednesday, to see the kept Ezimakor, however with little outcome. At squeeze time, the INDEPENDENT’s administration had gotten no news about Mr. Ezimakor, however the legal counselor, Mr. Ekhator, came back to the DSS office yesterday morning. In the mean time, Mr. Ezimakor was not given his medicine however the legal counselor took it to him late Wednesday. 

As indicated by them, “we, thusly, alarm the world to this genuine and present risk that Mr. Ezimakor is a hypertension quiet and separated from taking his medications, needs to see his specialists at short notice. “The suggestion is clear; any outfit holding him for a considerable length of time is jeopardizing his life. We repeat that Mr. Ezimakor’s better half said the spouse left home on Wednesday without pharmaceutical and did not eat any nourishment before leaving home Wednesday morning.

 “She regretted that her better half’s wellbeing must be in grave risk, particularly as DSS agents have denied him access to his endorsed drugs. “Autonomous, in this manner, is requesting its Abuja Bureau Chief’s quick and unequivocal discharge, generally his life is in genuine peril.”

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