Economic Disciples  – Time & Financial Management

 Time as a Resources

Economic Disciples  – Time & Financial Management

 Time as a Resources

Time according to oxford advanced learners’ dictionary means “all the years of the past, present and future”. In other words, time can also be described as what gives man the ability to keep record of the past for reference purpose, live in present for existence purpose, and look forward to the future for growing purpose which concludes the face that time should be used for purpose and meaning in life.

Benjamin Franklin said “Lost time is never found” This indicates that you work as if you were to live a hundred years and pray as if you were to die tomorrow. Unlike wealth, time is a neutral factor.

It doesn’t discriminate as it as it available to every men equally on a daily basis.

It is therefore pertinent to know how you allocate time, cause wise usage of time reflects your financial status in life.

Time is a special gift from God, so your perspective about it will depend on your understanding. Do you see time as a reflection of what’s in vogue – the reigning dress/fashion, latest music and movie in the box-office?

Your positive usage of time will make you a successful person because it revolves on everything you do in life.

The best of talent needs the best of time to go with; like the adage which says that “time wait for no one”.

Jesus Christ – the master of the universe was able to use His time judiciously during His sojourn on planet earth. With 33 years, he was able to rise and trained His disciples and till day the whole world is still reaping the harvest id a successful completion of His ministry.

Joyce Meyer – A mother of five and the president and founder of Joyce Meyers Ministries use to write dozens of books and still take care of her family as a mother.

She is so successful today because she maximized the gift of time.

If you abuse time and ignore it, you will suffer and pay every last bit of the cost of your action.

Being able to create time makes you to stand out from the crown and sharpen your creativity in whatever you channel your energy – be it writing those stories, poems, book, sermon and to increase your self-esteem, most importantly, create time as a resource to look into the affairs of your family, and Almighty God will direct your steps and fulfill all your heart’s desires.


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