Facebook user: We must wake up…. in a accident, Major Gen Atolagbe was removed with a lot of comment form people – Nigeria

This great country of ours is under serious threat...

Nigerians must rise up and say no to this Buhari govt sponsored Fulani expansionist movement!

The Special Task Force commander in plateau state Maj Gen Atolagbe has been removed!

Miyetti Allah cattle breeders association and their Fulani patrons in Aso Rock did this.
Gen Atolagbe has served the Nigerian army for about 30 years and about 27 years of this is with the United Nations, he is a professional soldier.

The problems started when he refused to allow the Fulani terrorists have a field day in plateau state, he arrested 11 Fulani terrorists and paraded them, the first time this happened in Nigeria after they attacked and killed people, he was ordered from above to transfer them to Abuja where they intended to bury the story but he refused to say they should be tried in the jurisdiction of the area where the crime was committed!

He went further to arrest another 7 Fulani terrorists and a third arrest of another 7 making a total of 25 high profile Fulani terrorists, including the financier of Fulani herdsmen terrorists in Nigeria who had bank transaction evidence linking him to a lot of higher-ups in the country and also he exposed the armourer of Fulani herdsmen terrorists to the General during interrogation, his revelation was to say the least shocking.

Gen. Atolagbe was ordered from Aso Rock to stop arresting Fulani terrorists and release the ones arrested but he refused, saying justice must be served.

On Friday he was invited to the National Assembly where he said he could soon be relieved of his post but that he would always stand by the Truth… It happened today!

He had used advanced fingerprints technology on the bullet casings used by the Fulani terrorists to apprehend them, a technology I learnt he bought with his own money after the Defense HQ refused to get it for him! All for his quest for justice!

It is now glaring that the Fulani herdsmen terrorists have godfathers in Aso Rock and can kill Nigerians anytime and anywhere and get away with it!

Sanusi Mohammed Says: All this story you’re telling is nothing but lies why is the source of the info is coming from you alone? Army setting is not like civilian personnel Army personnels carry out their constitutional duties only without taking side.

Akinwale Grace Rotimi Says: whether is true or Lie’s All we believe is that God will arise and interval one day, one day the truth will reveal himself

Olamide Awosanya Says: Please before we start spreading mindless posts, and useless conspiracy theories, perhaps we find out who replaced Atolagbe first

Christopher Adikson Says: Olamide Awosanya So tell us the full story, why are all of you coming with half news? If you have the correct story tell us

Hassan Shuaibu Says: O foolish Nigeria who have to bewitch u, instead of attacking the topic, u are now attacking his ethnic group, instead of trying to know as he got the information u re falsifying the information.

Femi Ariyalo says: Olamide Awosanya God will punish you and your generation for your stupidity Oloriburuku


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