How to advertise on Facebook

5 things you need to do to find it more easily selling your products Facebook

How to advertise on Facebook

5 things you need to do to find it more easily selling your products Facebook

I am very sure you must have heard about Facebook Marketing and how people use this platform to sell their products. In fact, I am sure you have many products on the platform. But I believe there are certain mistakes some people are making that is costing them money without result which they need to know of and that might include you.

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When planning to sell a product online, you need to have plans and strategies for doing it. Don’t just advertise a product and start hoping and praying that a miracle will happen and people will start buying automatically. Sir, it those not work that way, I have spend N20, 000 on advert and those not bring out sales, how did you think I will feel, bad abi no, I learn from that. Hear the fun apart I have spent 10,000 on Facebook advert and it gives out sales I didn’t expect, a big sales that couldn’t mention believe me is a wow one. The oral of my sayings is this “It depends on the strategic use for the advert”

Your advert needs to be strategic.
So, here are the 5 key points?

  1. Choose your product:

You see, many people may still not get these things right.

Choose your product, Choose product people will be able to buy too, look around and find out what people problem are and create a product around it, am going to be writing on Problem and Solution very soon. There are different types of product you can sell that will bring more sales for you.

  1. Direct you’re Advert to a Rightful Audience Location:

I have come to realize that adverts that focus more on their audience location and not just some specific location get better results. I remembered a time when people used to focus on Lagos, Port Harcourt and Abuja in their adverts, saying those are the only states that do buy. They said some gurus told them that. I remembered telling many of those people that their advert results would be limited. They never listened. Right now, all of them now focus on the best of the product audience location in their adverts.

  1. Use a Sales Page:
    Sales page is very important in selling your products. This is actually crucial. This is because a sales page helps you in convincing your prospects as to why they are meant to buy your product. Almost 95% of adverts you see only makes use of a website. So if you are still stingy in getting one, I hope you realise your mistake soon. Want to know more on how to create a convincing sales pages contact me.

4. Draft a Good Audience Targeting:

This aspect has confused lots of people. 85% of prospects that I have meant has no clue as to how to do this. Many of them get confused. Many do not even know how it affects their advert. There is a master class for that, subscribe and know more about Audience Targeting

5. Never Use an Opt-In Form before Directing People to Your Sales Page:

This is common, I have seen lots of people use an opt-in form before directing people to a sales page.
Let me explain to you how it will affect your advert. Take to notice, when people click on your advert and the first thing they see is a page where they are meant to fill in their details before getting to the sales page, 70% of these people will back off. Yes. 70% of them will not drop their details because that’s not what they were expecting.

Do you know how I hate dropping my email address unnecessarily? I am sure you hate it too.

Now, the remaining 30% will drop their email address and eventually get to your sales page. But you have already lost a large chunk of the traffic you are meant to get.
After all this: TEST RUN…

TEST RUN this aspect can’t be overemphasized. The essence of testing is to know which advert will give you the best ROI.

Let me stop here, Ponder on what you just read.

Success is yours.

Thanks for reading.

Emmolyne Consult cares

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