How to overcomes challenges…

Challenges are something man faces, is what you need to face as a man, Challenges! Challenges!! Challenges!!! Every man faces it but never panic because is something that comes and will it go, is just the matter of time. 

Every human being have its own challenges, differently, it comes to man, No matter how the challenges may be, trust in God, because he is the beginning and the end, he knows very thing you are passing through, but you need to call on him and he is there to help you in your problems you are passing through.
In any challenges, you are, is not bigger than your God,
Tips to overcome your challenges
Trust in Him:
Trust in your God, if you want to overcome your challenges, trust in him because he is the only one that owns everything at hand.
Everything is possible through Him who made Heaven and earth.
Put everything on him, tell it to him and wait for his wonder response. I didn’t know your challenges, I didn’t know what you are passing through but am telling you now trust in him and he will never let you down am telling you from experience, No any other gods that can save you from the challenges you are.
Call upon him:
Call upon him at the right time and he is there to answer you,
Call him with all your heart with all that you have, believed he will answer you.
Put everything on him:
All that you are passing through put it on him with all your heart? Because he is the maker of it all. He provides all for you, so why are you not going to put it on him. Give everything unto he will solve all the challenges you are passing through.
Believe he can do it:
You have to believe that he has the power over everything in your life, you have to believe in the one that can save you from your challenges; without believing in him and you are hoping to see a miracle, Sir! Is not possible, you have to believe in him if you want to be saved from your challenges.
Your challenges are not forever but for a little while….. It places on you to learn. “Every human faces challenge, it now depends on how you end it”.
Your challenges are a visitor to you? It comes and goes when it time come but you need to tell it that your life is not open for it to stay, you need to go. 

“Challenges is in every man daily life which you need to fight”

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