I didn’t say all Nigerian Youth are lazy – Buhari

President Buhari – i didn’t say all Nigeria Youth are lazy, people quote me wrong in my words, i mean some Nigeria youth are lazy waiting for Miracle from the government. which i said in Canada some weeks back. 

Nigeria Youth are not “LAZY” they are indeed a youth. 

President Buhari said i didn’t know why people twists my words, twisting make it a bad comment, i know people would have been saying “which kinda of President is this” who said his Youth are LAZY.

He said am not that kinda of President you think i am, thing may be like this but believe me, things is still going to get better very soon in Nigeria, He ought Nigerians to have faith in me.

He also said that Nigeria is one of the best country with good people in it.

He said, he being the president make me feel happy because he is willing to make Nigeria better for his cities. 

He ought the press and some lazy Nigeria Youth to stop twisting is words, to stop other country picking on Nigeria. 

Nigeria will soon be in a better position very soon, have faith, he Said.

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