Ideas of Picking A Bright Color Suit Outside the Sphere of Grey or Black

When someone thinks of men’s clothing, the first thing that pops into the mind is grey or black suited men with oxford shirts and shined shoes. If you are tired of this perception and you want to break this image, then we suggest you try a bright colored suit. Here you can find all the information on what type of suit should you go for and what shirts or accessories you need to wear to complement the look.


If you are fond of a dark green suit and want to look dashing in it, then we suggest you go for complementary accessories like brass buttons or gold jewelry. When it comes to picking a shirt, go for a cream colored one. Though red also looks good but then you will be trapped in the Santa clause cliché look.
In case you are a fan of light green colored suits then we suggest that you pick soft pastels while picking a shirt. You can also go for striped shirts that have equal parts in any color (except green, for obvious reasons) and white. Accessories might include options like trendy watches that have a shine to them.


If you are after trying something bright and very summery, then you can’t go wrong with an Orange suit and white shirt combo. Go for the shine and pick the brightest colored suit you can find to stand out from the rest. If white seems too boring, you can also combine it with brown tones. You can add pocket squares to complete the look and add more charm to your personality.


If you want some color and yet don’t want to stray too far from the traditional look, then we suggest you go for a navy blue or shining blue suit. Navy blue is highly recommended for formal events like an office party where you’ll most probably have to carry bags and files while the bright blue is recommended for casual affairs. Some of the shirts’ colors that go well with blue are a white long sleeve shirt, a pale blue shirt or a soft light pink shirt. You can pick either of them for a formal or an informal affair.


Well, this is one color that most people are afraid to associate with men’s clothing as most men balk at the idea of sporting this color. It is often worn by the most daring men who are not afraid to break the style rules and still manage to look good. If you belong to that crowd, then we suggest that you anchor it with neutrals. While picking the shirts that go with it, you should opt for pieces in white, beige or blue.

Yes, you can wear a purple suit and not look like the dinosaur your kids watch on the television. How? It’s simple. Pick a suit in olive or red wine color and pair it up with a shirt that has muted purple color. You can also add a pocket square to make this color more appealing, but like the shirt, its color should be light as well. 

So, which one of these daring looks are you going to try? Let us know by commenting below!

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