Kevin Hart in a serious car accident

Kevin Hart in a serious accident was taken to hospital in some hours ago with major back injuries on a car accident in Los Angeles.

According to report, Kevin Hart was being driven in his 1970 Plymouth Barracuda on Mulholland Highway at the time of the accident.

What actually causes the accident was because the driver which is Jared Black, lost control of the car and it tumbled in an embankment.

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Kevin with Black also has major back injuries.  The third passenger in the same vehicle was unhurt which is Black Fiance, Rebecca Broxterman.

The accident happened after midnight.

Kevin Hart was taken to Northridge Hospital Medical Center while the driver Jared Black was taken to another hospital, the patrol report said.

Kevin Hart, a comedy, actor and comic roles in movies such as Ride along and The Secret Life of Pets.

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