Nicki Minaj Making Marriage and Baby Plans

According to report, the “Anaconda” hitmaker’s relationship with her new boyfriend, Kenneth Petty is more serious than everyone thought as she is considering marriage and having his children.

The report also claim that sources close to the “Queen” rapper has it on authority that she has already had the marriage and baby talk with her partner after only a few months of dating. It is also learnt that Minaj is serious about the prospect of marryingPetty and having his kids because she believes he’s that good a man.

It would be recalled that afrer Minaj and Petty’s relationship became public, many criticised the “Barbie Dreamz” rapper for her choice of Petty as a lover because he is a convicted sex offender thing but she couldn’t care less.

Minaj who is not also shy about showing off the new man in her life posted a video of them working out together in the gym.

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