Nigeria Police new Salary Breakdown

Commissioner of Police under the new arrangement will get up to N1.5 million, while Deputy & Assistant Commissioners of Police get N531,000 & N483,000 respectively.

A Chief Superintendent of Police “CSP” gets N419, 000 while a Superintendent of Police (SP) gets N342, 000.

A Deputy Superintendent of Police “DSP” gets N321, 000 while an Assistant Superintendent of Police (ASP) 1 & II under the new arrangement will get N296, 000 & N271, 000 respectively.

Inspector of Police 1 & II get N254, 000 & N167, 000 while a Sergeant major, Sergeant & Corporal get N119,000, N96, 000 & N88, 000 respectively.

A Police Constable I and II get N86, 000 & N84, 000 respectively

The new salary & rent structure approved took effect from 1st Nov & would be funded from the treasury.

News Agency of Nigeria “NAN” recalls that in January 2008, late President Umaru Yar`Adua approved an increment in the minimum wage of policemen from N6, 000 to N26, 000

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