Prosperity More than Possessions

Prosperity More than Possessions

God desires his children to prosper in all things. And he promises prosperity to the godly.

However Biblical prosperity means more than financial wealth or material possessions. True prosperity has to do with total well-being and dependent on a lifestyle of righteousness.

The righteous who meditate faithfully on God’s word are those who prosper abundantly based on doing His will, keeping His statues judgments, commandments and testimonies. Despite the fact that God rejoice on the prosperity of His Children.

He still warns believers naturally not to forget the source of their prosperity. He specifically warns His children not to rely on intangible possessions such as family, intelligence or innate talents but to totally depend on HIM as the creator who gives power to create wealth in the first instance.

Jesus taught that material possessions are not a measure of a person’s value or spiritual worthiness. Paul also warns against self-motive of having the pursuits of materials possessions as the primary concern are to depend totally on the Lord who provide all their needs, and should be full of thanksgiving after they have received prosperity from HIM, because He is our Co-creator in the beginning and as our manufacturer, knows our endings from our beginnings.

The Almighty God wants to prosper His children. He is very concerned about us and wants to bless us with good things in our life. But He wants us to be willing and obedient before eating the goods of the land. Therefore, we must esteem the things of God more than earthly possessions.

To put God’s WORD first and to walk in the truth is the essence of spiritual prosperity and not all about acquiring wealth.

God is therefore, not against material possessions, but against people being covetous. (Exodus 15:26)   strengthen

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