How To Motivate Yourself When You Feel Down

Sadness is an emotion that we all must pass through whether we are rich or poor because the vissicitudes of life is no respecter of social status

Sadness is an emotion that we all must pass through whether we are rich or poor because the vissicitudes of life is no respecter of social status. People tend to procrastinate or become totally unproductive when sadness overwhelms them. So how do you rise above this emotion when we experience it?.

1. Listen to Music:

Music is a powerful motivator and it can help you to overcome the feeling of sadness. Depending on your tastes, listening to the music you like will put you in a place you want to be.

2. Read A Book:

Books come on varied options- fiction, poetry or non-fiction and it is an awesome way to distract your mind from worrying too much. Not only will it enhance your mind it will lift your soul.

3. Talk About It With A Friend(s) Or Family Member:

A good friend is your surest confidant. When you are lacking motivation, talk to them about your problem and the burden of keeping it to yourself will disappear.
They might come up with useful suggestions on how to tackle your sadness and in no time you will be back on your feet.

Who says a listening ear is not important?

4. Read Inspiring Quotes:
Sometimes what you need when you feel down is to hear the right quote that will not only speak to your mind but identifies with your struggle.

5. Meditate:

The power of meditation cannot be downplayed because it relaxes the mind by removing stress and then filling it up with new energy and awareness.

6. Exercise:

Exercise boosts your energy levels, allows you to sleep well at night and improves your overall well being. You don’t have to be a gym freak to enjoy the benefits of exercise, trying simpler workouts at home is one way to go

7. Write A To-do-list:

Learn to plan your day by writing everything you need to do. As you tick off the completed items on your list, the feeling of accomplishment that follows will eliminate sadness.

8. Make A List Reminding You Why You Want To Do What You Want To Do:

This list is different from the to-do-list because it helps you to list your goals and also write down why you have them so you can look at them when you need to.

9. Watch An Inspiring Movie:

Movies are powerful enough to spike your happiness and motivate your soul.

10. Just Do It:

Desist from the habit of procrastinating because the more you do it the harder your problems.

11. Post A Goal On Social media:

This helps a lot because the fear of public humiliation will force you to stick to your plans. Asides that it allows others to know how you are doing.

12. If It’s Something You’re Not Ready:

Whatever it is you are getting ready for, prepare as much as possible and believe that you can do it with positive affirmations.

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