Smart Design Ideas for a Lovely Bedroom

A bedroom is a space where you relax and enjoy some quiet moments. But what if we tell you that there are ways to make that space look smart and not boring or dull? Yes, here are a few smart design ideas that mix traditional with the modern to give you the best results.

Wonderful Wood

The first thing you need to smarten up your bedroom is to add wood on the walls as it would add warmth to the room. You can go for simple options like oak paneling, and if that’s not a possibility, you can go for lifelike wallpapers. If you don’t want wood on the walls, add it to the furnishings.

Lovely Lighting
Another great home décor idea is to add shinning and dim lights to the bedroom. Shining bright lights will accentuate its beauty in the day while low or dim lights will make you feel sleepy at night. It is also smart to add a wall-sized window to allow natural light to spill in during the day and save on electricity bills.

Sensible & Smart Technology
Gone are the days when clocks and alarms used to wake people up. Now you can invest in a loud music system and start your day with your favorite beats. Though sleep experts don’t recommend many electronics with the blue light in the bedroom, you can go for smart electronics that are portable so that you can have fun in the bedroom when you are not asleep.

A Big/Bunk Bed
The most important feature of any bedroom is the bed. So, if you are after a cozy look, you should add a four-poster bed. In case you are tight on space, the bed bunks will work equally well. Make sure that the bed has lots of soft pillows, linen sheets & pillow covers and a cozy quilt that lures you to sleep as soon as you are on the bed.

Add in Intimate Patterns
When you want to know what colors or materials to choose, you should always focus on small and intimate patterns rather than bold, bright or graphic ones. You should also go for neutral tones when picking throws, knits or throw pillows. Soft elements will help you make the room cozier and welcoming for others.

Wide Windows
As said before, a good rule of thumb while doing any home décor should be to add in wide or big windows, but since you are adding them to a room where you sleep, you should ensure that the windows are not bare or cold. They should be covered with Roman blinds made from a textured material or a transparent roller as it will give you the liberty to block unwanted light or sounds.
Three Don’ts to Remember
1. Don’t add any home appliances to the bedroom.
2. Don’t add any office stuff to the bedroom.
3. Don’t place a bed directly in line with the door.
We hope that you like our home décor ideas and it will help you have an alluring bedroom. Good Luck!

Try them all today!

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