The President registered and sat for West African School Certificate (WASC) Examination in 1961 conducted by Cambridge University.

He submitted a copy of the result to the Military as part of the requirements to join Nigerian Defence Academy as a Cadet Officer.

When the Military Government led by him was overthrown, he was detained and his house ransacked and in the process, he lost several vital belongings including the original copy of his WASC and other certificates.

In the build-up of 2015 election, PDP in an attempt to stop him or campaign against him at all cost blackmailed him of not having a WASC certificate. The then highly politicized Military denied not being in possession of a mandatory photocopy required by every institute before anyone joins either as a student or an employee. The Military blamed the absence of a copy of the President’s certificate on poor record keeping in the sixties (shameless Military, thank God this is no more today).

As the conspiracy continued, the President (then Presidential Aspirant) address the press stating the story of how he lost his certificate. A story he would not always be in a hurry to remember how IBB and others overthrew him for nothing and incarcerated him for three years. In the broadcast, he mandated his alma mater (Government Secondary School Katsina formerly Provincial Secondary School Katsina) to provide a spreadsheet of his WASC result.

His alma mater obliged his request and publicly displayed his personal result and also issued him a new statement of result with the date of the issuance (I think January 21, 2015) on it. This was done to shame all the conspirators.

Nobody challenged the authenticity of the spreadsheet/ statement of result issued by GSS Katsina till date. NO ONE HAS TAKEN THE SCHOOL TO COURT FOR ISSUING A FAKE RESULT.

The only media platform that only took the part of professionalism on the issue was Sahara Reporters by carrying out an investigative journalism. The Media Outfit requested from the Examination Body (Cambridge University) to confirm the authenticity of the statement of result and spreadsheet published by Buhari’s alma mater (Government Secondary School Katsina).

The Examination Body (Cambridge University.) DID NOT deny the authenticity of the spreadsheet as displayed by GSS Katsina. They admitted that PMB partook in WASC examination in the year 1961, however, the University FAILED TO CONFIRM SAHARA REPORTER’S REQUEST. THEY CITED EXTANT LAWS IN THE UK PROHIBITING PUBLICIZING PERSONAL RECORDS.

Anybody bringing up this issue again that PMB does not have WASC without first confirming from GSS Katsina and Cambridge University should be pitied as he has lost touch with time.

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